Data Center Fire Alarm & Support Modifications

Data Center Fire Alarm & Support Modifications

The fire detection system in the Hitachi data center activates the release of the clean agent fire suppression system. There was some concern that the area smoke detection did not meet NFPA 72 standards, based on the high air movement from the air handling system. From a code study performed by Applied, it was determined that additional smoke detector coverage was required due to the high air flow rates calculated. Applied provided a new smoke detector layout for the data center, and modified locations of existing smoke detectors below the raised floor that needed to be moved away from floor tile diffusers.

Another area of concern was the structural integrity of the raised floor where the two UPS systems are located. Each UPS system sits on top of an 18” raised floor. From a site observation, it appeared that additional pedestals below the raised floor had been added for additional support below each UPS system. Applied provided a drawing showing an existing floor tile layout and where additional supports should be located to provide adequate structural support beneath the UPS distribution system in the data center.


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