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CFD Modeling Now Offered

CFD Modeling Now Offered

We are pleased to offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling as one of our engineering services. CFD modeling is an excellent tool for understanding and solving airflow patterns in critical environments such as operating rooms, isolation rooms, and cleanrooms. Further, CFD modeling allows our engineers to understand temperature gradients in the built environment such as in data centers, tall lobbies, and protective environment spaces like a burn center.

There are many applications for CFD modeling that include:

  • Airflow patterns in critical environments
  • Temperature gradients
  • Age of air (e.g., operating rooms, isolation rooms)
  • Dilution (e.g., diesel exhaust entering an air intake louver)
  • Air quality – pollutants or flammables
  • Capture velocity (e.g., ensuring researcher safety at face of fume hood)

CFD modeling makes our engineering stronger by validating the configuration of the airflow devices to maximize effectiveness. Let Applied model your critical environment with CFD!

This video is a particle trace showing a one pass airflow to return grilles.