Science Bound Parent Meeting

Applied Engineering Services is a long-time partner of the Science Bound program, a Purdue University/Indianapolis Public Schools partnership where a student who successfully completes the program is given the opportunity for paid tuition at Purdue University. We have supported Science Bound for nearly a decade as an advisory board member, at the annual career fair, through summer internships of rising high school seniors, and financially.

Recently, I met with the parents of Science Bound students to describe what it takes to be an engineer. We discussed the various types of engineers, the importance of writing, spelling, and communications skills in addition to the typical math and science courses, good study habits and time management, and the importance of being a leader through extracurricular activities.

The meeting wrapped up with a discussion on the commitment required to be successful in the engineering program at Purdue University (ranked 6th in the nation and 26th in the word for engineering schools according to US News and Word Report). Engineering school requires hard studies and every student has to want it/earn it. Getting practical experience during college, through internships and co-op programs, is also a must for the graduating engineer.

Ralph Power is an Owner and Principal at Applied Engineering Services.







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