Purdue Technology Center Aerospace Building Dedication

We recently had the honor of attending the building dedication for the new Purdue Technology Center Aerospace Building. Applied was responsible for engineering the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for this new 55,000 SF, two-story facility, with a $12 million construction cost. Rolls-Royce is occupying approximately 60% of the space, and we helped design their test cell facility where jet engine components will be designed, developed, and tested. The Aerospace Building is also the new home to Purdue’s Physical Facilities Department. Dan Hasler (President, Purdue Research Foundation), Mitch Daniels (President, Purdue University), Marion Blakey (President and CEO, Rolls-Royce North America), Senator Brandt Hershman, and Mayor John Dennis (City of West Lafayette) all spoke during the dedication. Adding to the excitement of the day¬†was the flyover and landing of an MV-22 Osprey.

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