Purdue Bound Career Day

The Saturday morning started out cold, but the Purdue Bound (formerly Science Bound) Career Day kicked off with great warmth as the excited students learned about jobs and opportunities within STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and math) fields. Applied Engineering Services served as a corporate sponsor for the event, along with Purdue University, Raytheon, Bowen Engineering, Rolls-Royce, Dow AgroSciences, and Eli Lilly and Company. Each firm gave the students a quick “day in the life” of an engineer, scientist, designer, researcher, or programmer.

Mike Jamieson and I talked with students about the type of work Applied does within the consulting engineering industry. We described how Applied utilizes engineering knowledge to provide HVAC designs, plumbing design, power distribution, and telecommunications connectivity, and how our work utilizes math, science, and engineering, and technology to create warm and inviting environments. We gave a broad overview of healthcare design to the students, touching on how HVAC designs can be best implemented to reduce the spread of infections in hospitals. Power distribution from the utility company down to the receptacles was also generally described.

The students were actively engaged with some of the hands-on devices that we demonstrated. Mike described energy efficiencies in the HVAC realm by showing how a small ventilation recovery device works and how sensible and latent energy is transferred through the cross-baffle heat recovery membrane. The plate and frame heat exchanger spurred several questions from the students. On the electrical side, the manual motor starter and medium voltage cable drew the most interest. I helped break down the electrical concepts behind the equipment, which allowed the students to better understand how the parts and pieces all work together to create a complete building system.

The morning included a panel discussion with previous Purdue Bound graduates describing their college and life experiences, and wrapped up with a motivational speech by Purdue All-American Running Back LeRoy Keyes and his wife, Monica. The students and career volunteers noted that it was a great experience, and everyone appreciated Rolls-Royce’s hospitality in hosting the event at their facility.

Loren Horan is a Shareholder and Project Manager at Applied Engineering Services.

Mike Jamieson speaking with Purdue Bound students

Mike Jamieson speaking with Purdue Bound students

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