Purdue Bound Career Day 2017

Loren & Mike attend Purdue Bound Career Day

Last Saturday, Applied once again participated in the annual Purdue Bound Career Day event at Dow AgroSciences on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Mike Jamieson and I talked with Indianapolis Public Schools students about the impact an engineering career can create for both the individual and the community.

Mike and I described some of the projects we have worked on, noting that Applied focuses effort in four markets: Higher Education, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Government.

When describing university projects, I noted that at Applied, we create environments and design systems which positively impact people. Previous project designs have helped students collaborate on problems with multiple outcomes. Through our positive design, students have access to white board walls to construct a design outline, large monitors to share ideas and expose group members to videos which articulate concepts, wireless data so that they can connect with resources outside of the space, and a comfortable environment without distractions. Through providing this environment, Applied is playing its part to create a better world where there is more interaction and better solutions for tomorrow.

Mike commented that being a professional engineer (PE) is a great responsibility. PEs must take the safety of the employees, visitors, neighborhood, and public into account on every project. Being a professional engineer, we strive to turn our clients’ goals into realities while creating a safe environment for everyone involved.

The students were engaged and asked many questions such as, “What do you like most about being an engineer?” and “Why do you like working for Applied?” I shared that I enjoy working for Applied because of the variety of work – that in any given week I could be creating a telecom design, creating a power distribution system, visiting a new project site, and assisting contractors during construction. The ability to wear many hats and interact with people from different backgrounds helps me broaden my perspective and feel like I’m making an impact in my community. Mike stated that he enjoys the design challenges that come with being an engineer. Through designing dust collectors to steam systems, every project has unique goals that must be achieved through diligent calculations and design.

We thought that this group of students was highly engaged, had great communication skills, and were high achievers. Their intelligent questions and ability to understand power distribution, HVAC controls, and the design process within a short time shows that the future is bright for engineering and the world.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Purdue Bound, please check out https://www.purdue.edu/purduebound.

Loren Horan is a Shareholder and Project Manager at Applied Engineering Services.

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