Hoosier Energy

Spencer Operations Center – Office and Warehouse Buildings

Applied was retained by Runnebohm Construction to perform the MEP engineering in a design-build arrangement for the new $25 million Hoosier Energy Operations Center. The project consisted of two buildings on 25 acres in Spencer, Indiana. The office building is two stories and houses general offices on the first floor and the lower level (below grade) is dedicated to power distribution management and computer center. All the facility’s systems were designed to apply for a United States DOE “ENERGY STAR” rating. Energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems were incorporated throughout. HVAC for the first floor consisted of a 20 zone variable refrigerant fl ow system, and the lower level is an 18 zone VAV system. The lower level was an N+1 equipment design with 100% redundant air handler and air conditioning units. An air-to-air heat recovery unit was also included to preheat and cool ventilation air for the building.

The 18-000 SF office building is backed-up by a standby generator and a portable unit connection. The power distribution management and computer system power is backed-up by a redundant N+1 UPS system. The lower level is set up to comply with NERC protocol, which includes a security system dedicated to the lower level. The warehouse and storage yard are secured by a card access system and monitored by CCTV cameras.

The 77,000 SF warehouse building houses electrical power distribution equipment, mobile sub-station bays, and a full heavy vehicle maintenance shop. Also included are office areas for field personnel and warehouse staff. HVAC for the facility consisted of variable refrigerant fl ow system for the offices; the warehouse and shop areas have air-to-water heat pump under slab radiant heating and dedicated chilled water air handlers for summer tempering of the shops. The 70,000 SF under slab heating system is one of the largest in Indiana. The warehouse power system (fire pump and underfloor heating) is backed-up by a second standby generator.

Design for this new operations center was completed in March 2013, with construction finishing in January 2014.