Eli Lilly and Company

Utility Service Expansion Design, Lilly Technology Center North

The utility master planning process (Phase 1) performed by Applied yielded an initial site expansion project consisting of the demolition of one existing building and the design/construction of three new buildings on site (Phase 2). The new buildings are a 105,000-square-foot administration building, a 220,000-square-foot laboratory building, and a 485,000-square-foot development building. The administration and laboratory buildings were completed in early 2005, and the development building was completed in late 2006.

Applied provided engineering services to design the site utility infrastructure to support the three new buildings. Highlights of Applied’s scope of work are as follows:

  • New 1,010-foot-long precast, walk-through utility tunnel
  • New 220,000 pph steam PRV station and distribution to the new buildings
  • Condensate cooling and draining
  • New 1,600 gpm variable speed city water booster pump station
  • New 1,250 gpm and 600 gpm sanitary lift stations
  • Rerouting of existing utilities from former city street including:
    • Storm and sanitary sewers
    • City water
    • Fire protection
    • Telecommunications
  • Extension of new utility services including:
    • Chilled water (24-inch mains)
    • Steam — 450 psi and 250 psi services
    • Compressed air — low and high pressure services
    • Purified water
    • Dewatering well discharge water
    • Fire protection water
    • Electrical power — two 5-inch conduits with three 750 MCM, 15 kV cables each
    • Telecommunications — fiber and copper for telecom, CCTV, Ethernet, and voice cable
    • O2 and N2 piping
  • Commissioning, qualification and validation of selected critical utility system installations

Construction of the site utility work is complete, and final commissioning and qualification was completed at the end of 2005. The total estimated cost of the site utility support work was $25 million.