Eli Lilly and Company

Lilly Corporate Center and Lilly Technology Center
Fire Panel Replacement

Applied Engineering Services was contracted to design a new fire alarm system network at Lilly Corporate Center (LCC) and Lilly Technology Center (LTC) to eliminate the dependence on a voice evacuation system and to replace existing fire alarm systems that were not documented with up-to-date drawings. Additionally, many of the existing fire alarm systems were not supported by the manufacturer due to the age of the system.

Phase I of the project included designing and constructing three fire alarm systems in three different types of buildings (administrative, lab and manufacturing). This approach was selected to assist in the cost estimating process of replacing approximately 150 fire alarm panels in 81 buildings. The scope also included replacing all fire alarm strobes in buildings that already had a new Simplex 4100U fire alarm panel with horn/strobes. A fire alarm network (IMS) was also installed to connect all new fire alarm panels together which allows Lilly security staff and the Fire Security Systems group (FSS) to monitor all panels at LCC and LTC as well as at some remote sites such as the Plainfield Distribution Center, MQLC and E Street Child Care Center.

Phase II of the project involved designing 44 fire alarm systems for the remaining 78 buildings. Many security input and output points were relocated to the Lilly security system which separated the fire alarm system function from the security system function. This will allow the fire alarm systems to monitor and control only the fire alarm system points and the security systems to monitor and control only security points. All designs and testing meet the minimum requirements specified by the applicable versions of NFPA 72 and the International Building Code.  Applied provided preliminary engineering and final design through the completion of construction documents and construction support.