Eli Lilly and Company

Lilly Technology Center North
Compressed Air Upgrades

Applied Engineering Services prepared design drawings, project scheduling and construction administration for a $7 million central air compressor upgrade project for Eli Lilly and Company’s LTCN campus. The project replaced two Ingersoll-Rand 1,250 cfm reciprocating air compressors and an AIR-TEK 4,000 SCFM blower purge heat regenerative desiccant air dryer with two Cooper three stage 1,250 SCFM centrifugal air compressors and two Pneumatech duplex 2,600 SCFM blower purge heat regenerative desiccant air dryers. In addition, the existing three stage Joy 1,200 SCFM centrifugal air compressor received a controls retrofit. All of the compressors are controlled via Cooper’s Vantage control system for optimized efficiency and performance logging. A new 4” compressed air main was installed from building K358 to the K329 central air compressor building to allow the two 800 SCFM Atlas Copco screw air compressors in K358 to be fully utilized as needed. The construction cost was $3,200,000 and the project was completed in March 2008.