Citizens Energy Group

Citizens Thermal

Illinois Street Satellite Chilled Water Plant

Applied Engineering was retained by Citizens Thermal, a division of Citizens Energy Group, to provide engineering design for the construction of a plant expansion at their satellite chiller plant, located at 817 N. Illinois Street. The need for new capacity originated from customer growth associated with the expansions of IUPUI and Clarian Hospital. At the time of the design, the original satellite plant consisted of three 2,000-ton chillers housed in a block building. The design work incorporated the long-term plan for the site to ultimately house 20,000 tons of capacity. The initial expansion of the plant included the installation of a 2,500-ton chiller, with space for two additional 2,500-ton units. In addition, the original cooling towers were demolished to allow room for expansion on the site, and the replacement cooling towers were installed on the roof of the new building. The new building was constructed at the sidewalk line of Illinois Street; therefore it had to meet special neighborhood design guidelines, including the installation of screens to hide the cooling towers from street-level view, and the addition of storefront windows with awnings on the wall facing the sidewalk. Other features included designing a chemical bulk storage facility with a chemical feed system for each cooling tower loop, and the installation of a new 480V transformer to support the plant expansion auxiliary equipment.

The expansion at the Illinois Street satellite plant was designed so that it could be remotely operated from the original facility, located at 350 S. West Street. This was made possible by the installation of a fiber optic communication link from the West Street plant to the Illinois Street plant, and an extension of the plant control system in the Illinois Street plant. In addition, a security system with cameras was installed for remote observation of the satellite plant.

The project design documents were divided into multiple bid packages to allow scheduled phases for completion for the building, mechanical and electrical contracts to improve delivery time. Design efforts for the initial construction began in August 2007 and the last construction set was issued to contractors in January 2008. The plant expansion framework and existing chiller system cooling towers were placed into service in July 2008. The new chiller was placed into service in September 2008.