Allison Transmission

Boiler House

Allison Transmission hired Applied Engineering and American Structurepoint to design a new Boiler House for their main Plant 3 campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. This Boiler House will replace existing utility generation facilities inside the plant, many of which date to the early part of the 20th century.

Phase One of this project was to design the Boiler House building itself with space for four steam boilers (255,000 lbs/hr total capacity) and six air compressors (2,450 scfm total capacity) to feed the two million square foot plant. Utility support systems for this equipment will include a three-cell cooling tower, RO water system, dearator/feedwater system, air dryers, electrical switchgear, and emergency generators.

Preliminary sizing of utility generation equipment translated into a 28,000 square foot facility in two levels. Preliminary design reviewed several possible sites for the new Boiler House. The final design located the Boiler House south of the Plant 3 campus.

New and existing arbors will be used to carry utility feed piping into the main manufacturing plant. Phase One of the Boiler House design included infrastructure to support the future generation equipment, such as water, gas, electric, and drainage connections.

The Boiler House floor plan accommodates a control room, IT closet, break room, and restrooms. Plant logistics maintained space for equipment installation and maintenance, as well as overhead doors and a jib crane on the roof for ease of equipment installation. The brick and metal panel façade were selected to blend into the existing plant architecture. All site grading and fi nishes were designed in this phase. The second phase of the project will install the utility generation equipment. The final phase will connect the utility mains into the existing manufacturing plant infrastructure system.

The expected cost of Phase One of this project is anticipated to be between $4 million and $5 million.