The personnel at Applied Engineering have been involved with a wide variety of mechanical and electrical systems over the years. As such, we have developed an expertise in evaluating project requirements, reviewing technology that may be applicable, and efficiently designing the optimum system for the client. In many cases, we have been able to save significant capital or operating costs for our clients through the use of innovative system design.

Applied utilizes computer-aided engineering to facilitate and optimize many of the design aspects involved with mechanical and electrical systems. We make significant use of computer modeling programs to assist with the optimization of fan, pump, duct, and pipe sizing. Utilizing spreadsheets we have custom developed, we are better able to prepare estimated plant operating cost and life cycle cost analyses. We utilize software to perform finite element pipe stress analysis in the event that high pressure, high temperature fluids, or gases are involved in the project design, and we also utilize sophisticated electrical engineering software modeling programs to prepare coordination, short circuit, and arc flash analyses.

Applied Engineering Services has completed a number of studies and designs for the advanced manufacturing market. These have included utility master plans, utility (infrastructure) improvements, and plant renovations and additions. These projects include:

  • Design of a 22,000-square-foot, two-story addition to an existing process building to house a new piece of part coating equipment used in the manufacturing process for aircraft engine turbine blades.
  • Design of new manufacturing plant and associated infrastructure for a fiberglass insulation manufacturing facility.
  • Addition of 4,000 tons of chiller capacity to an existing 17,000-ton plant at a pharmaceutical manufacturing site.
  • Study and design project to add a new glycol chiller in a pharmaceutical manufacturing building.
  • Design of a new HVAC system for an existing 270,000-square-foot automotive engine manufacturing space.
  • Design of a new satellite chilled water plant serving downtown Indianapolis for a locally owned utility company.
  • Study and design of a purified water system renovation for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
  • Study and design to convert an existing hot water system to a primary/secondary pumping arrangement in an agricultural manufacturing facility.
  • Study and design for a utilities system expansion to meet increased site loads at a large pharmaceutical manufacturing site.
  • Installation of four custom modular air handlers, modification of one rooftop air conditioner, and installation of nine duct-mounted steam grid humidifiers for temperature and humidity control in an automotive parts manufacturing plant.
  • Design project for relocating two tool plating operations from an existing facility to an off-site facility for an automotive parts manufacturer.

Applied Engineering Services understands that the engineered design of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for an industrial manufacturing facility must be flexible in order to meet current and future needs in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Our designs incorporate such factors as life cycle cost, energy efficiency, redundancy, and ease of maintenance. Through activities in ASHRAE, ISPE, and IEEE, Applied stays current in mechanical and electrical designs. At Applied, we are continuously upgrading our knowledge in order to be on the leading edge in engineering design for manufacturing facilities.