Day in the Life of a Principal

Have you ever wondered what our engineers actually do all day?

This year, we’re sharing some details through our “Day in the Life”
series. Each quarter, we will feature someone in a different position
within the firm who will provide insight into their typical day. Third
quarter is showcasing one of our Principals, Ralph Power, P.E.,
an electrical engineer who joined Applied in 1999.

7:00 AM

A rare day of being in the office all day instead of at project sites and owner meetings. I arrived at the office early to sort through the e-mails from the previous day and overnight. The e-mails with quick action items (another e-mail to request info, information look-up, coordination, etc.) are addressed and filed away. The emails that will take time to research are left to address later in the day.

7:45 AM

After receiving comments on a recent engineering services proposal, I revised / updated the proposal and sent it back to our architectural design partner for the project.

8:45 AM

I reviewed the preliminary third party cost opinion for a project to make sure it is in line with our drawings. My review lead to the discovery that some items were not included. I also adjusted some quantities and unit costs. I summarized my findings and sent an e-mail to our architectural design partner.

10:00 AM

My partners and I scheduled annual review meetings with a couple of our project engineers. We met with them separately to discuss past performance and set goals for the next year.

11:45 AM

I grabbed a quick lunch by myself today. I like having a chance to get out of the office for a brief re-charge.

12:30 PM

I’m back in the office from lunch and check in with each of my partners for any updates or new news that I should know about.

12:45 PM

We have an upcoming BIM/Revit training scheduled, so I coordinated with our lead computer specialist regarding scheduling beginning courses for our first-time users and advanced courses for our experienced users.

1:00 PM

I am manning Applied’s booth at the MAPPA conference, so I met with our marketing coordinator to discuss handouts, giveaway items, sponsorship opportunities, and logistics.

3:00 PM

I sat in on a conference call with one of our civil design partners about a new utilities engineering project. We discussed scope, schedule, and budget, then next steps for Applied to get our proposal to them.

3:30 PM

An architect we often partner with called me about a new project opportunity. We discussed scope, schedule, and budget. I told him we are interested in learning more and asked him to send background info. Due to desired timeframe for the proposal and knowing I will be out of town, I asked John Yoder (another Principal) if he can take the lead on writing our proposal.

4:00 PM

I met with my partner, Dave St. John, to discuss our upcoming interview for a major renovation project on a higher education campus. We determined our talking points for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing portions of this architecturally-led interview. I sent the architect our talking points for inclusion into the PowerPoint presentation.

4:30 PM

I spent the last hour of the day reviewing e-mails, addressing papers on my desk, and preparing to go home for the evening.

5:30 PM

Time to head home for the day.

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