Applied Engineering has established firm sponsorship/partnering relationships with two Indiana university-sponsored organizations that are tasked with providing needed financial and mentoring assistance to middle school and high school students, predominantly of minority status, to expose them to technical opportunities and encourage them to pursue careers in engineering, technology, mathematics, and science-related fields.

Purdue Bound

Purdue Bound (formerly known as Science Bound) is a Purdue University-sponsored program that exposes Indianapolis Public Schools' (IPS) students and parents to the various aspects of technical career training offered at Purdue University. Applied Engineering contributes funds for summer camps, college tuition, and assists with the sponsorship of the annual dinner. Applied also conducts engineering-oriented presentations at selected Science Bound events and provides summer intern opportunities.


The Minority Engineering Advancement Program (MEAP) is a program sponsored by IUPUI whose mission is to identify recruits and select minority students in grades 6 through 12 and expose them to the fields of engineering and technology. Applied Engineering contributes funds for workshop tuition and college scholarships, and also organizes facility tours during the summer workshops.