2016 State Finalist Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Teachers College Renovation, Ball State University

2015 Honor Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry HVAC Replacements, Purdue University


2014 Merit Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Rolls-Royce Banded Stator Facility Mechanical Utilities

2012 Merit Award Winners from ACEC Indiana

Eli Lilly and Company Fire Alarm Upgrades

Applied Engineering was retained by Eli Lilly to replace virtually all of Eli Lilly’s facility fire alarm panels (approximately 150 panels) with new addressable networked fire alarm panels. The project affected 81 buildings and included 47 design packages. The new fire alarm systems were designed to support local sounders and strobes, and a system architecture that eliminated existing network vulnerabilities. The existing fire panels were integrated with Lilly’s Security and Automated Announcement System (AAS) to deliver fire evacuation messages. The delivery occurred through a complex series of events that was highly dependent upon multiple systems and networks. The new designs separated the fire alarm systems from the security and automated announcement systems.


Indiana State University Chilled Water Plant Study and Design
The existing central chilled water system at Indiana State University was at capacity. Applied Engineering Services was hired to first study the options for a new Satellite Chilled Water Plant type and location, then design to build the plant and connect to the campus. The final site was chosen on the corner of 4th Street and Tippecanoe Avenue. This location on the outer edge of campus was chosen to minimize the impact on pedestrian walkways and reduce the overall cost of the project. A premium efficiency chiller was selected which exceeds the current mechanical code for Indiana, and a highly efficient variable speed drive chilled water pumping system was selected to reduce the overall electrical consumption per cooling ton produced.

2011 State Finalist Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Cummins Technical Center Control Room Replacement
Cummins Inc., Columbus, IN

2010 State Finalist Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Indiana University Bloomington Campus Master Plan
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

2009 Honor Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Knauf Corporate Office Building
Knauf Insulation, Shelbyville, IN

2008 Grand Project Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Plant 1 Expansion at Knauf Insulation Manufacturing Facility
Knauf Insulation, Shelbyville, Indiana
The Applied team (consisting of Applied Engineering, Fink Roberts &Petrie, and Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects) was selected by Knauf Insulation to perform the design work for a major expansion of their manufacturing operations in Shelbyville, Indiana. The new plant produces commercial and industrial insulations for the U.S. market.

The project scope included the construction of a 375,000 square foot product warehouse, a new utility and chemical compounding plant, a 42 MW substation, a furnace charge batching silo, upgraded rail yard, two electric-fired cold top glass furnaces, three production lines with fiberization, forming and drying ovens, a wet electrostatic precipitator, regenerative thermal oxidizers, wash water recycle systems and new packaging lines.

Applied’s work included all of the architectural, civil, structural, and the majority of the mechanical and electrical design. Selection and design of the batch house, wet electrostatic precipitator, regenerative thermal oxidizers, the production equipment, and packaging equipment was performed by Knauf with several OEMs that specialize in fiberglass manufacturing equipment. The Applied team was responsible for many of the support structures and the utility hookups for this OEM equipment. Applied was also responsible for overall site planning and development, including access roads, parking lots, utility relocation/ improvements, fire protection, and landscaping. The design work began in August 2004 and construction began in February of 2005. The project was built in seven phases, with final construction completed in the fall of 2007. The total cost of the project was approximately $240 million.

2008 Achievement Award Winner from A Monumental Affair

Citizens Thermal Illinois Street Chilled Water Plant-Phase II
Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, IN

November 2008 Outstanding Design Winner from American School and University magazine

Purdue University Memorial Union Dining Services Renovation
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

May 2008 One of Top Two On-Campus Dining Facilities in the Nation

National Association of College and University Food Services
Purdue University Memorial Union Dining Facilities
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2006 Merit Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Electrical Improvements at Indianapolis Wastewater Treatment Plants
Department of Public Works, City of Indianapolis

2005 Merit Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Steam and Condensate Flow Modeling Study
Purdue University

2004 Honor Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Chilled Water System Upgrades at the Indiana Government Centers
Indiana State Office Building Commission

2003 Honor Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Site Utilities Expansion Design
Eli Lilly and Company, Greenfield Laboratories

2002 Merit Award Winner from ACEC Indiana

Deaerator Replacement Design
St. Vincent Hospitals and Health Services

2001 Merit Award Winner from Consulting Engineers of Indiana

Utility Support Building Design
Delphi Delco Electronics Systems

2000 Honor Award Winner from Consulting Engineers of Indiana

Chilled Water Pumping Improvements
Eli Lilly and Company, Technology Center North