ACEC Engineering Awards Luncheon

I attended the 25th annual ACEC Engineering Awards luncheon on Monday, March 11, 2013, along with one of my partners Ralph Power. The event was well attended, as this was the 1st year (as far as I can remember) that it was conducted as a lunch event. Last year’s event was held on a Saturday night (as it always had been), and it appeared to me that it was losing attendees.

Reid Duffy (of Duffy’s Diner fame) co-presented for the 19th time, along with Pat Long of Indiana Concrete Pavement. Reid Duffy’s comments and interpretation of the projects always brings humor to the event. The big winners were mostly bridges, sewage treatment projects, and roads (although a healthcare project and an airport project also won several of the major awards). The Grand Project Award went to Michael Baker Jr., Inc. for their work on the Sherman Minton Bridge after it was shut down due to serious safety problems that were discovered. This important bridge linking New Albany to Louisville was put back in service in just over 5 months after it was shut down. Overall the event showcased local engineers’ abilities to resolve issues and implement solutions related to Indiana’s infrastructure needs. I am sure next years event will be equally as impressive, and will again be held over lunch!

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